Electronic Franchise Disclosure and E-Signature Future for Investors


It has been discussed allowing midsize firms to disclose franchise records to both public and prospective franchisees. If the Federal Trade Commission would like to create UFOC information available electronically through email to catchup with the newest technologies then it may get complaints and also make up another rule saying no intrusion UFOC maybe routed through email.

That is only because the documents are becoming really large they amount into what would be looked at a contact bomb. Yet one cannot document in coming mails, because people use free-mail reports and conceal their identity, the Federal Trade Commission can so when phising for information regarding franchisor targets they want to entrap, usually depending on a letter from a lawyer or some bogus criticism coming out of a rival concealed as a consumer entrance in the FTC’s website.


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And who is paying to maintain it updated and which do you put up if you can find 12 registration nations, multiple Canadian Provinces, telling states as well as the Federal Trade Commission version, all different. So where because it may be theoretically economical and save trees (less paperwork) it will cost more in enhanced IT costs and web-services. We now see the federal government and the US military with their very own requirements and a lot of people who would do the job for franchisors in this regard work everywhere thus the distribution and requirement for such technological folks is dry out and the price tag is through the roof. You’re creating a rules that’ll hurt the consumer and trees. All this can’t be viewed”cost effective,” despite the fact that a recent franchise principle making report declared the over disclosure in modern marketing to be cost effective.

Either you’re for Americatrees, consumers and free enterprise or you are for ongoing this mad tact in enacting more incorrect things. Whose team could be your Federal Trade Commission Franchising Division on any way, well we know it is safe to assume they have been on the lawyers side, after all many are attorneys, aspire to be lawyers or cannot await the day that they can move out and MoveOn to a cushy job with a private law firm.

Rules simply to create rules, without a real goal in your mind and no limit into the rules that this will add later on, provides no ending game or solution. Perhaps the Federal Trade Commission wishes to finance this rule by paying for every franchisor $37K or their projected cost to print these records to get that subsequent year or simply that the Federal Trade Commission might contact the IRS for a tax credit on all investment property in UFOC printing as long as it was through a bonifide franchised printing shop? Perhaps the Federal Trade Commission might take up a”Shred It” franchise so they can recycle all the fresh UFOCs, that’ll now have to be dumped in case this rule is enacted? Maybe they can make a paper me shay tree at the lunch room to worship as their new ancestral god or make it right into xmas Tree and set under it new rules and regulations thus providing the gift of perpetual project security?

The Federal Trade Commission should lead by example, not send mixed messages into force or industry on regulation and minutia piling in regulation laws. Consider it.

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